My world of images has a clearly defined aesthetic origin and is based partly on 20 years of experience in clothing design and partly on a lifelong love of the picture.

I do not dwell on a particular style or movement; instead I rely to a certain extent on complete improvisation and intuition.
I like to embrace accidents and contingencies and work with them. There’s a lot of trial and error but there is a general pattern to what I do.
I do not dwell on any particular style.
Anything goes – and I use a wide range of medias, which I experiment with and ultimately perfect.
Beauty for the sake of beauty.
I am inspired by nature, shape, texture, form, color and patterns.

For all of my work, no figure, statement, or message is forced upon the viewer; instead all that remains is color, contrast and balance.

A lot of the time what I thought I was going to create ends up totally different.
I guess this absorption is the essence of art

It is the journey through its twists and turns where the beauty unfolds – not the destination or end result.

“Beauty and perfection are the same. They never occur without happiness” (Agnes Martin)