Krista Werdelin – Artist and designer.


The abstract urban artwork of contemporary painter Krista Werdelin is an intuitive process of discovery and exploration in form, texture, and color. “I like to embrace accidents and contingencies and work with them. Her work opens a space that is both ancient and contemporary.

She has developed an intuitive process in which she allows her work to develop as she creates them, resulting in an almost devotional object comprised of dense colors and shapes.

A wide variety of media is applied to various substrates in exploration to develop results that are aesthetically unique and beautiful. “In my work, there is no statement or message forced upon the viewer; instead, all that remains is color, contrast and balance.” Krista attributes her 18-year long career as a fashion designer and her lifelong love of beautiful imagery as a significant influence on her work.

 “Beauty and perfection are the same. They never occur without happiness” – Agnes Martin.